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Kestinywear, is founded by a black woman who is passionated about style and fashion. Believing that the way we represent ourselves or dress adds value to our persons. Nowadays, the vision and passion of style brought elegance ideas for any outfit we wear whether in the gym or casually.

Kestinywear was named from the inspiration of the term "I will make your name great" Gen 12: 2-3 NIV. This is a promise that God gave to his children that we are to break generational limitation of success.

Aiming to expand fashion style with creativities and motivational words that the brand carries on most products. Kestiny stands for to deliver motivational messages to uplift others positivity. 

Kestinywear is a family first generation legacy that represents the process of a growing tree starting from a seed form. Delivering inspirational and motiational words in fashion way, is what Kestinywear stand for. 

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